Organic reach for Facebook Pages is plummeting, some say by more than 50%. This is due to the ever so popular Facebook Advertising which offers targeted advertising.

Here are a few things that you can do on your own to ensure your page generates organic traffic.

  • Post live videos:
    Facebook is looking more and more like its biggest competitor YouTube with the number of videos that are uploaded on a daily basis.
    Facebook released a statement saying that live videos will sit on top of the news feed while the video is live. After which you can market the video on other platforms with a link back to your Facebook page.
  • Ask questions: 
    This is a great way to see what your audience really wants responds to. Ask your audience what they want to see, or host a Q & A session.
  • Post consistently:
    Whether you posing once a day or once a week, make sure your posting is consistent. You can post more than once a day, but Facebook will decrease your reach if you post more than three times a day. 
  • Make use of your Insights:
    Use your insights to see what time and which days of the week your audience is mostly on your page.Tip: If you are targeting the international market as well as your local market, make use of the ‘Schedule Post’ button and post at the appropriate time for your international market.

The Value of Post Interaction:

Within the first hour of posting, Facebook will take preference to posts with higher read/view rate, engagement, and shares than those with lower interaction.
Share your posts to multiple platforms, linking it back to Facebook. You may even want to share your post to your private profile and ask your friend and family members to share it with you. Perhaps explain to them why sharing your post will benefit your business.

I hope you managed to pick up a few tips to increase your organic reach. If you have any questions regarding your Facebook marketing please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

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