How to make good website content

Create Good Content

This is one of the most important features of your website. Your content needs to be appropriate to the page it is placed on.

Search engines favour content that stretches beyond 300 words as they are more inclined to use keywords and phrases that are a commonly associated your page’s topic. 

If you are writing content for a product or service page, Google your product or service.
You can get ideas from similar websites. Do not plagiarise. Not only will the search engines know and penalise you for it, but this will look bad to customers who are shopping around. If you are truly an industry leader, then showcase your experience and knowledge. Use ideas found online to showcase your own unique brand and company.

The easiest way to produce good content is to answer commonly asked questions that surround your page’s topic. You can discover the most commonly asked questions by running a simple search engine, search. Start with “What Is…” How does….” or even “can I….?” By doing this you will discover the most relevant and widely used keywords for your page’s topic. You will also gain insight into your competition’s level of SEO and website content.

Another great tool for accessing effective keywords is the Keyword finder located on the Google AdWords platform.

Make use of headings with paragraph breaks. Headings are another essential tool in both SEO and user-friendliness. Ensure common keywords and phrases are included in your headings. These keywords and phrases are what your potential clients will search for in the search engines to find your company.

Do not include tricky jargon in your content. While using technical jargon may make you feel smart, it can cause confusion to your readers. Ensure your content is written using a clear and concise message. It’s always a good idea to ask someone who is not in your industry to go over your page content.

How to write website content

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