Instagram is a beneficial marketing tool for businesses; however, I have noticed many new and somewhat experienced Instagram marketers are making common errors.

Here are 5 errors I see almost on a daily basis and ways to overcome them.

Are you afraid of being too ‘salesy’?

Quotes and positive photos create a great and positive following but do not flood your feed with such images. You still need to show your followers what value your business offers. You don’t have to go about it in a salesy way; however, remind followers of the great products or services you provide.

Not using stories.

It is important to diversify your marketing to keep the attention of your audience.  Stories help you stay on top of mind by using real-time contextual marketing. They are great for quick behind the scene, raw videos offering transparency in your business.

Not posting constantly.

Occasionally I become lazy on the weekends and often don’t post on Instagram. This is detrimental, and I watch my followers decreasing as quickly as the indicator on my fuel gage. Recovering from this is costly and time consuming. If you are looking at monetising your Instagram account, you need to ensure you are posting consistently. Have a look at the times your followers most view your feeds and post accordingly. Instagram recently released stats showing that most users do not see a decrease in followers if they post more than once a day.


Hashtags create awareness around your post. Research the most used hashtags that are relevant to your photo or video. By test hashtags search result, you can ensure that your post targets your desired audience. i.e. #Killingit us used to show great accomplishments and not images of slaughter. Don’t overdo the hashtags either. Accounts with fewer than one thousand followers, featuring a post with eleven hashtags received an average of 77.66 interactions.

Not following

Instagram creates a preference for accounts with a relatively equal amount of followers to following. Following at least three new people a day ensures your account will be suggested to like-minded people. Having a high follow rate shows potential followers that they may get interaction back from you in the form of a follow.

By elimination these common errors, you will be on the road to generating an effective marketing strategy for your Instagram account.

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